70 years
of success

Producers of high-quality religious items and souvenirs.


From market stall to global success


Our journey began with a market stall: one of many crammed into the square in front of the Sanctuary of St. Gabriel in Isola del Gran Sasso d’Italia, a town in the Abruzzo region of Italy. In 1950, the religious goods seller Massimo Lucci and his wife Palmina Galli set up a business that has since passed down through three generations of children and grandchildren, achieving some major economic and technological milestones along the way. The business, which they named C.A.A.R.T. (Casa Artigiana Articoli Religiosi e Turistici), would go on to conquer America in the 1970s.

We sell thousands of customisable items, produced by highly specialised workers with expertise in both purely handcrafted methods and innovative manufacturing techniques.

The business has received numerous awards over the years

The meeting of Massimo and Palmina
with Pope John Paul II